The Intermediary Cooperative (TIC)

A skilled and experienced team of HMCTS Appointed Intermediaries in Criminal, Family and Civil jurisdictions across the UK

The Intermediary Cooperative is an HMCTS Managed Approved Service Provider

TIC is a national cooperative of 40+ experienced intermediaries.

We are proud to be appointed by HMCTS as a Managed Approved Service Provider.

The group have the combined experience of over 220 years working in the intermediary role. We provide peer supported, quality service to vulnerable people in the justice system.

Our bespoke IT systems enables referrers to view the profiles of individual intermediaries and choose those most local or most suitable for their client. Our dedicated administrative team are available to assist by phone or email. TIC is a not-for-profit organisation that uses surplus funds to promote improved services for vulnerable people.

Our HMCTS work is set to HMCTS fees.

We ensure matched intermediaries have the specialist skills for each vulnerable person.

We aim for consistency of intermediary throughout the case.

We select the closest intermediaries to minimise travel and reduce carbon footprint.

An HMCTS Appointed Intermediary

Is a specialist in communication who assists people with communication needs to ensure effective participation in their journey through the justice system.

A HMCTS Appointed Intermediary from The Intermediary Cooperative

Works in the family, criminal and civil jurisdictions by assessing and recommending, assisting in conferences and court proceedings.

Provides consistent involvement in each case for the benefit of both the vulnerable person and the legal professionals.

Liaises personally with the referrer and maintains effective communication throughout the case

Utilises the support and supervision available within TIC to provide the very best service.

Os hoffech wybodaeth am ein gwasanaethau trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg, e-bostiwch [email protected] a byddwn yn hapus i ddarparu hyn i chi.

Os hoffech wybodaeth am ein gwasanaethau trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg, e-bostiwch
[email protected]
a byddwn yn hapus i ddarparu hyn i chi.

(If you would like information about our services through the medium of Welsh, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to provide this for you.)

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