HMCTS Appointed Intermediaries work to ensure vulnerable people can effectively participate within the justice system.

TIC Intermediaries are highly skilled communication specialists, breaking down the barriers to communication across all legal settings. 


  • carry out detailed communication assessments
  • make individualised recommendations
  • facilitate positive interactions between vulnerable people and legal professionals.

Our members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds including Speech & Language Therapy, Teaching, Social Work, Law and Mental Health Nursing.

TIC Intermediaries work in all areas of the justice system, including all civil and criminal courts and HMCTS tribunals, in suspect interviews, coroners courts, inquiries and parole board hearings and probation interviews.

We have extensive experience supporting vulnerable people to communicate in challenging circumstances.

If your client…

  • Misunderstands information or struggles to follow instructions
  • Loses focus, fidgets or requires frequent breaks
  • Finds it difficult to express themselves coherently
  • Speaks too loud/quiet/fast/slow
  • Has difficulty regulating their emotions
  • Finds reading difficult or struggles to remember what they have read
  • Has cognitive difficulties, a learning disability, mental health needs, a neuro-developmental condition (e.g. ADHD, autism), an acquired condition (e.g. stroke, head injury) or a degenerative condition (e.g. MND, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia)
…they may find Intermediary assistance helpful. Click here to make a referral to TIC.

Please click here to access our referral form.

It is important you indicate your client’s vulnerability on the form to ensure the case is matched to a specialist Intermediary with the required skill set.

If you require an Intermediary within a specific timescale, it can also be helpful to note this on the referral form.

Please note, there is no ‘save’ button. TiCiT is a live system and it saves the information as it goes along.

After you have submitted your referral, you will get an acknowledgement email. This contains a TIC reference number which you can quote if you need to contact us.

If you need help making a referral, please contact our admin team on [email protected] or call them on 0845 544 3041.

You will be matched with an Intermediary within 2 working days of making your referral.

Once matched, your Intermediary will be in touch with you directly to discuss your requirements for Intermediary services. You will then be able to discuss a mutually convenient time and date for when the assessment can take place.

If there are no Intermediaries available to support, you will receive an email informing you of this.

If you want to check on the status of your referral, please contact our admin team on [email protected] or call them on 0845 544 3041.

The time needed for an Intermediary assessment can vary greatly depending on the service user and their specific needs.

Whilst it is difficult to put a time on it, most assessments can be carried out within three hours.
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  • Our members are highly skilled communication professionals with extensive experience supporting vulnerable people to communicate in challenging circumstances.
  • We match vulnerable people to intermediaries with the specialist skills required to fully support their communication.
  • We aim for consistency of Intermediary throughout each case.
  • We care about our members and their professional development. Member wellbeing is at the heart of all that we do.
  • We reinvest surplus funds to extend our provision to vulnerable people in the wider community. As a cooperative organisation, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on society.
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