The Intermediary Cooperative (TIC)

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Do you believe that people with vulnerabilities deserve fair access to justice?
TIC recruits experienced professionals and provides specialised training and mentoring. Would you like to be part of ensuring this fair access?

Intermediaries facilitate communication between people with vulnerabilities and legal professionals, to enable them to participate effectively in criminal proceedings, family proceedings and civil proceedings in the UK.
Being involved with the justice system can be a struggle for anyone. However, if your communication skills are limited by cognitive and /or mental health issues, the complexity of language, processes and unfamiliar formal environments inevitably result in ineffective participation. The role of the HMCTS Appointed Intermediary is to assess, advise and assist in ensuring effective participation is achieved in criminal, family and civil courts. The demand for our services is high and ever growing.

  • TIC provides a supportive community for HMCTS Appointed Intermediaries working outside the Witness Intermediary Scheme (Registered Intermediaries).  
  • TIC intermediaries come from a wide range of professional backgrounds such as Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers, Social Workers, Learning Disability & Mental Health Nursing and therefore bring a depth and breadth of skills and knowledge to the role.
  • We are looking for experienced, skilled professionals to join our team to provide intermediary support to people with vulnerabilities in all jurisdictions of the justice system throughout the UK.
  • TIC intermediaries are self-employed, with full control over their caseload, while enjoying the support, supervision and collaboration with fellow professionals.  They work locally or further afield depending on their choice. The number of cases and hours is flexible to balance with individual work and personal commitments.
  • There is a competency-assessed application and interview process, followed by a robust training and mentoring scheme to quality-assure our service and enable new recruits to be appropriately skilled for this important role with vulnerable people in the justice system.

We start the new HMCTS contract on 1st April 2022 (a very busy time!)and so have suspended our training programme until that process is imbedded.  We are only therefore recruiting experienced intermediaries at the moment.

Email [email protected] to register your interest and we will keep you updated.